legend of native americans indians

legend of native americans indians

Bury my heart at Dresden ,Enterre mon cœur à Dresde

the true story of the Lakota chief edward two two who decided to be buried in a dresden germany, because we had to be treated as human


l'histoire vrai du chef lakota edward two two qui decida de se faire enterrer a dresde en allemagne,parce que on l'avait traité en etre humains



Edward Two Two, Oglala

On June 20, 2012 the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ), a big german Newspaper published Nearly a whole page about Edward Two Two (abt. 1851-1914). Two Two (Numpalla?) Traveled three times with the German Circus Sarrasani through Germany. On the 1914 Tour he Became ill and he died in July. In his last will (-> National Gallery Washington DC) Two Two Wished to be buried in Dresden, Germany. The Beginning of WWI with his widow and grandchild returned to the USA. In 1926 Sarrasani raised a headstone over his grave.

In 2012 Bettina Renner German movie director made ​​a documentary film abut Edward Two Two "Begrabt mein Herz in Dresden (Bury my heart at Dresden)." While shooting the film, she found a movie from 1913, shot in the forests around Dresden. That Showed fighting movie "Cowboys and Indians" with Edward starring Two Two.

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