legend of native americans indians

legend of native americans indians

Chickasaw Nation

Chickasaw Nation
Total population
Regions with significant populations
United States United States (Oklahoma Oklahoma)

English, Chickasaw language
Traditional tribal religion, Protestantism (Baptist, Methodist)[2]
The Chickasaw Nation is a federally recognized Native American nation, located in Oklahoma. They are one of the members of the Five Civilized Tribes. The Chickasaw Nation was created after the Chickasaw people were forcibly removed by the US federal government to Indian Territory in the 1830s.


The Chickasaw Nation is headquartered in Ada, Oklahoma. Their tribal jurisdictional area is in Bryan, Carter, Coal, Garvin, Grady, Jefferson, Johnston, Love, McClain, Marshall, Murray, Pontotoc, and Stephens Counties in Oklahoma. Their tribal governor is Bill Anoatubby.
Economic development

The tribe owns two off-track wagering facilities, 17 casinos, two bingo halls, 18 tribal smoke shops, seven motor fuel outlets, and two truck stops. They also own and operate Bedré Chocolates Factory in Pauls Valley, Lazer Zone Family Fun Center in Ada; WinStar Inn and Suites and Golf Course in Thackerville; Solara Healthcare in Westlake, Texas; Global Gaming Solutions, LLC; KADA (AM), KADA-FM, KCNP, KTLS, KXFC, and KYKC radio stations in Ada; and Treasure Valley Inn and Suites in Davis. Their estimated annual tribal economic impact is over $13.9 billion dollars.

Their casinos include Ada Gaming Center, Chisholm Trail Casino, Gold Mountain Casino, Newcastle Gaming Center, Riverwind Casino, Treasure Valley Casino, and WinStar World Casino in Thackerville,Oklahoma Love County. They also own the Lonestar Park Race Track in Grand Prairie, Texas and Remington Park Race Track in Oklahoma City.
Post-removal history
Map of Chickasaw Nation, 1891

The US government first assigned the Chickasaw to territory controlled by the Choctaw Nation; their area in the western area of the nation was called the Chickasaw District. It consisted of Panola, Wichita, Caddo, and Perry counties. Although originally the western boundary of the Choctaw Nation extended to the 100th meridian, virtually no Chickasaw lived west of the Cross Timbers due to continual raiding by the Indians on the Southern Plains. The United States eventually leased the area between the 100th and 98th meridians for the use of the Plains tribes. The area was referred to as the "Leased District".

The division of the Choctaw Nation was ratified by the Choctaw–Chickasaw Treaty of 1854. The Chickasaw constitution establishing the nation as separate from the Choctaws, was signed August 30, 1856, in the new capitol of Tishomingo (now Tishomingo, Oklahoma). The first governor was Cyrus Harris. The nation consisted of five divisions; Tishomingo County, Pontotoc County, Pickens County, and Ponola County. Law enforcement was by the Chickasaw Lighthorsemen, although non-Indians fell under the jurisdiction of the Federal court at Fort Smith.

Following the Civil War—although the Five Civilized Tribes did not suffer the Reconstruction of other Confederacy supporters—for their abrogation of their treaties, the United States forced them into new peace treaties. Under the new treaty, the Chickasaw (and Choctaw) ceded the "Leased District" to the United States. In 1868, the Chickasaw Montford T. Johnson, with Jesse Chisholm's help, secured an agreement with the Plains tribes to establish a ranch on the new western edge of the Nation. His ranch was never raided, although often threatened. He and his family remained the only permanent residents of the area until the settlement of Oklahoma.

The nation was dissolved, with government functions transferred to the federal government before statehood, by agreement negotiated with the Dawes Commission. Following the breakup of the nation, the Chickasaw became citizens of the United States. The US allotted their communal land in plots for individual households of registered members. Land left over was declared "surplus" and available for sale to non-Indians.

The Chickasaw adopted a new constitution on August 27, 1983 to manage their business affairs.



Nation Chickasaw

La Nation Chickasaw est l'une des nations des Cinq tribus civilisées amérindiennes des États-Unis. Les Cinq tribus civilisées eurent un statut différent des autres réserves indiennes en obtenant le droit d'élire un gouvernement constitutionnel semi-autonome, ainsi que des délégués à la Chambre des représentants des États-Unis. La Nation Chickasaw fut fondée après la déportation des Chickasaws dans le Territoire Indien pendant les années 1830.

Le gouvernement tribal de la Nation Chickasaw est une démocratie, sur le modèle de celui des États-Unis. Les citoyens de la Nation élisent pour un mandat de quatre ans, un gouverneur et un lieutenant-gouverneur qui forment l'exécutif. Le gouverneur est le porte-parole officiel de la tribu et peut proposer des projets de loi au législatif de la Nation. Il dirige les affaires courantes, signe les documents officiels et participe ou organise les réceptions officielles. Tout comme le président des États-Unis, le gouverneur est entouré d'une Administration (sens américain du terme) comprenant diverses divisions et départements.

Le gouverneur de la Nation est, depuis 1987, Bill Anoatubby. Le siège du gouvernement est situé à Ada dans l'Oklahoma.

Le législatif est composé de 13 membres élus par les citoyens de la nation pour un mandat de 3 ans. Environ un tiers des sièges est renouvelé chaque année.

Le pouvoir judiciaire est détenu par la cour suprême tribale, composée de trois juges élus par les citoyens. Les juges sont chargés des tâches d'interprétation de la Constitution de la Nation Chickasaw.

La première Constitution de la Nation fut ratifiée en 1856, la Constitution actuelle date de 1983.

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